Striving for 100% sustainable. That is how we do it.

Challenge accepted!

Climate change, population growth and economic developments force governments and organisations to come up with future-proof solutions. This requires expertise, particularly in the area of water. At Evides Industrial water, we will gladly take on this sustainability-challenge.

How do we contribute to sustainability?

More than ever, we wish to minimise our impact on the environment. We do this by reducing the energy consumption and lowering the CO-footprint in water. We are also committed to the reduction of emissions towards soil, air and surface water. With our water resources, we additionally contribute to the retention of biodiversity.

Sustainable collaboration with clients and suppliers

Our collaborations with clients and suppliers are aimed to the long term. This allows us to jointly continuously improve the sustainability approach of all partners in the chain.

We make use of green electricity and add to the enlargement of the production capacity of this green electricity we make use of. And by using our own research programme, we also create new knowledge and insight that can be used to make sustainable water solutions accessible for everyone. For you too.

Sustainability programme Water Without Waste

Our sustainability programme Water Without Waste makes it possible to make actual future-proof choices, together with the client. We keep on searching for the best solution within the local circumstances in the area of nature, water, CO2 and energy.

The Water Without Waste programme focuses on

  • CO2 reduction in our eigen processes
  • Reducing the impact in the water chain together with clients and suppliers
  • Reduce water abstraction and increase reuse
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Combat pollution of the ecosystem
Infographic about Water Without Waste programme