Each search for information, document editing or order from a web shop is related to water. How? Datacentres use water to cool their servers. The quality of the cooling water as well as the continuity of supply are essential in this, because a web shop that is not accessible will lose turnover and customers.

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The role of water in datacentres

In datacentres, water plays a major role as a cooling medium. Electronics like servers produces a lot of heat. If that heat is not discharged, the electronics will be working less efficiently, while also damage may occur.

Cooling of datacentres requires high quality cooling water, such as demineralised water. This prevents lime and biofilm from impairing the functioning of the cooling.

What we offer the Datacentre sector

Water of the right quality

The best water solution is dependent on the available water resource, the desired quality and other local conditions. Thanks to our years of expertise in cooling you are assured of constant supply and quality.

Sustainable solutions
Sustainability is one of our core values. That is why we strive for reuse of water and purification of waste water.


Our water solutions are completely aligned to the specific wishes and demands of the client.