Demi water

The quality standards of our Dutch potable water are ranked among the highest in the world. Still, some industrial applications require an even higher purity. We therefore produce ultra-pure demi water for companies such as yours, using sustainable technologies.

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What is demi water?

Demi water stands for demineralised water. Demi water is also known as ultra-pure water and has a low electrical conductivity (max. 1.0 μS/cm). It contains only very low concentrations of dissolved substances.

How do we make demi water?

At Evides Industrial Water we make use of sustainable techniques to filter water, such as membrane filtration and ion exchange. This is where ultra-pure demineralised water is created for usage in various branches of the industry, such as: 

  • The chemical industry
  • The energy sector
  • The food & beverage industry

The development of demi water (R&D)

Our R&D activities for demi water are focussed on:

  •  Further improvement of the water quality 
  •  Making the production of demi water more sustainable 
  • Optimising the business operation of the different demi water treatments

Advantages of demi water


Potable water has an electrical conductivity of 300 to 700 µS/cm. Applications in electronic processes require water with a much lower conductivity. That is the reason why our demi water has a value of max. 1 µS/cm.

Keeping it clean

The use of demi water is essential for companies that deal with expensive equipment. It prevents damage as a result of limescale or ingredients.

Heat source

We closely cooperate with companies that use high pressure steam in their production process. The steam is used, for instance, as a heat source for distillation processes, e.g. in the petrochemistry.

Customized water
We can optimally adjust the quality of the water to the wishes of the customer.


For the water quality of Demineralised water, Brielsemeer water, Agricultural water and Drinking water, Evides Industriewater makes the data available. The data will be frequently updated. 

Reports with the quality data of: