Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling are inextricably linked to water. What heat means for one process, is what cooling means for the other. On this page, you will find a number of applications that Evides Industrial water has innovative and sustainable solutions for.

Want to know more about Heating and cooling?

Use of cooling water

Cooling water is applied in all sorts of cooling systems, where the transfer of heat takes place via heat exchangers or pipe systems in cooling towers. A good quality cooling water directly leads to less pollution and reduced deterioration of materials. Furthermore, it adds to efficient transfer of heat and a continuous process.

Suppletion water for cooling towers

The water quality in cooling towers determines the number of circulations of the water. The higher the quality of the cooling water, the higher the circulation grade and the lower the pollution on the cooling systems.


Heat-decoupling is a sustainable technology: the residual heat from the one process is being reused in another process. Evides Industrial water designs and installs the required heat pumps to realise heat-decoupling.

The development of cooling systems (R&D)

Our R&D-activities in the area of Heating and cooling focus on, for instance:

  1. Research on the effect of different compositions of cooling water
  2. Development of new cooling systems together with our clients

Why Evides Industrial water for your Heating and cooling?

High quality

We supply a high quality cooling water, by treating the water specifically for your business process.


We work on cooling processes that require as few as possible chemicals.