Research & Development

Evides Industrial water R&D focuses on assuring service provision to our clients for the long term. By investigating new technologies, applying existing techniques in new situations and optimisation of existing installations, we are committed to tomorrow’s issues day in day out.

Research & Development

As a leading water specialist, Evides Industrial water thus continuously works on modern, eco-friendly technologies, such as reuse of waste water and the raw materials mining from waste water. Also asset management is an important part of our strategy, to ensure that our water installations or those of our client will last longer, are very flexible and able to produce in a sustainable way.

Customer survey

With regard to specific subjects, we work on research question, in cooperation with the client. By working on this research together, a common picture is created of the best solutions for the specific issue. 

Operational research

We solve operational bottlenecks by testing different possible solutions. This will initially concern a desk study, followed by laboratory tests and subsequently practical testing. This way we work towards the continuity of our installations.

Technologic research

New technologies, materials and/or ancillary materials are frequently introduce in the market. It is, as such, imperative to be aware how these techniques, materials or ancillary materials behave in specific situations. Structured research ensures that we apply new techniques with sufficiently substantiated experiences. 


Purifying (waste)water is done by means of complex physical, chemical and biological processes. All of these processes require extensive knowledge of, for instance, physics, chemistry, process technology, civil engineering, automation, data management and statistics. That is exactly why we, at Evides Industrial water, closely collaborate with knowledge institutions, like universities, colleges and Regional education and training centres. We do this to obtain knowledge about techniques yet unknown, to learn why something does not work, to discover whether we have found “the ideal solution”, but mainly because we are inquisitive!