Evides Industrial water has been a reliable partner for the petrochemical industry for many years. Using technologies like ion exchange and membrane filtration, we develop effective water solutions, like process water, demineralised water and cooling water.

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The role of water in the petrochemistry

A minuscule pollution in a petrochemical installation could lead to significant damage. The demand for premium demineralised water for the feed of high pressure steam generators is therefore high in this sector. This also applies to the quality and quantity of Cooling water.

The exact composition of the water that you use, largely influences the return of your installation. The right water will lengthen the lifespan and will guarantee less required maintenance.

What we offer the petrochemistry

Water of high quality

Depending on the source, we apply different purification techniques. These make the water suitable for your specific business process.

Costs saving
We look for the most efficient way to meet your water needs. This could lead to significant costs saving.

Sustainable solutions
Sustainability is one of our core values. We create efficient and sustainable links between water and energy, such as the reuse of warm water.