Waste water-purification

Your partner for reliable and sustainable purification of polluted water.

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Why our waste water purification?

Over the last decades, we have developed into a leading specialist in the area of waste water purification. We, for instance, guarantee a sustainable and efficient purification for Schiphol and for some 60 companies at industrial estates in Delfzijl and Vlissingen-Oost. In the region Den Haag/Delft we purify the household waste water of more than 1 million people on a daily basis. By the end of 2020, the Central Waste Water Purification Botlek in the Rotterdam port will be taken into use.

Owing to our experience and innovative technologies, we are able to process any type of waste water cost-efficiently and sustainably.

How do we purify waste water?

The purification of waste water takes place in a Waste water purification installation (AWZI). The waste water goes through a process during which substances are removed, converted or broken down from the waste water from coarse to fine. In case of specific waste water flows, an initial pre-treatment is required before the water can be treated further in a collective purification.

After this process, the water is compliant with the standards for discharge, or is suitable for further reuse.

Types of waste water purification

For every business process, we offer a tailor-made solution. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company.