Anaerobe water purification

Anaerobe purification of waste water is usually applied for the treatment of highly concentrated organic water flows. This process ensures an energy positive water purification, because biogas is released that you can use as a sustainable energy source.

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What is anaerobe water purification?

This is a process during which bacteria – in the absence of oxygen – convert organic substance in the water into biogas. Subsequently, this biogas can be used as an energy source. As such, you can entirely or partly recapture the energy, required for the management of the water purification.

Anaerobe purification is applied in industrial waste water and waste water from the food industry.

Advantages of anaerobe water purification

Cost savings

Our experts will be happy to give you advice regarding the optimal use of anaerobe water purification. The operational costs are significantly lower than for aerobe waste water purification.

Sustainable energy production

The biogas released during the water purification can be used as a sustainable energy source for electricity and heat production. We also work with other parties on the production of green gas that is supplied to the gas network.