Condensate Polishing

Demineralised water is used for steam production and when steam precipitates, condensate appears. This condensate sometimes contains pollutions from the process and almost always conditioning chemicals. With the correct treatment for the right type of condensate, demineralised water can be made of this again.

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What is Condensate Polishing?

Condensate Polishing is the thorough purifying of demineralised water for reuse. As all business processes are different, Evides Industrial water always provides customisation. We ensure that your condensed water can be used again. And if necessary, it will be replenished with new demineralised water. The required processes will be organised together with you, with maximum energy retention.

Advantages of Condensate Polishing


For every solution, we strive to harm the environment as little as possible and to reduce your or our CO2-footprint. The reuse of demineralised water is a concrete example of a sustainable solution. Many companies in need of Condensate Polishing are already collaborating with us. Thus, our work can be found at for instance Shell, Gunvor and Dow.


Our purification processes assume minimal energy consumption. This leads to more efficient processes and substantial cost savings.

High quality

High quality water is essential for the industry. While Evides Industrial water looks after a continuous flow of premium water, our clients can focus entirely on their own core activities.


Owing to many years of experience, we have the know-how to deliver customisation for every business process.