Many products are manufactured from natural resources like gas, oil, ore and coal. The innovative processes that convert these resources into new raw materials, require water. Evides Industrial water offers the right solution in this regard.

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The role of water in the chemistry

Chemical processes make use of high pressure steam, which demands high quality demineralised water. Also cooling water is indispensable in virtually every chemical process. But also waste water treatment is imperative in order to comply with the strict discharge requirements for waste water.

Continuity and quality of Demi and Process water are important for efficient business operation. We provide this, by purifying household and industrial waste water and make it reusable.

What we offer the chemical sector

Water of high quality

Depending on the client’s demand and the available water resource, we apply different purification techniques. These will make the water suitable for your specific business process.

Costs saving
We look for the most efficient wat to meet your water demand. This could turn out to be quite economic for you. By making use of multi-client systems for water supply and waste water purification, you do not need to invest in assets, knowledge or skill.

Sustainable solutions
Sustainability is one of our core values. We create efficient and sustainable links between water and energy, such as the reuse of warm water.