Steel and manufacturing industry

Steel production and steel processing are continuous processes involving intensive energy and water usage. All supporting processes should thus be available 24/7. This goes for the supply of different types of water and energy, as well as for the waste water purification installation.

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The role of water in the steel and manufacturing industry

During the production and processing of steel products, water plays a significant role as a cooling medium. Your specific application requires a specific quality of cooling water. This quality varies from untreated surface water for once-through cooling to premium Demineralised water for cooling towers or product treatment.

What we offer the steel and manufacturing sector

Water of the right quality

The best water solution is dependent on the available water resource, the desired quality and other local conditions. Thanks to years of expertise in cooling you are assured of constant supply and quality.

Sustainable solutions
Sustainability is one of our core values. That is why we strive for reuse of water and purification of waste water.


Our water solutions are completely in line with the specific wishes and demands of the client.