Industrial water

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Why Evides Industrial water?

The basis for our process water is fresh water, 42% of which taken from the river Maas, 33% from the Brielse Meer (Lake Brielle), 13% from the river Rhine and river Elbe and 12% from smaller local sources. For many years, we have supplied renowned companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the energy sector and food and beverage industry, with different types of industrial water. Our customers are assured of high reliability and supply security.

How do we make industrial water?

We produce different types of industrial water from various sources, including surface water, effluent from company processes and waste water treatment facilities (WWTF). The water undergoes light treatment by use of reliable technologies like sand filtration. 

We offer you the complete range of industrial water-applications, as also the expertise in the related necessary technologies, such as sand filtration, active carbon, ultra, micro and nano filtration, ion exchange and membrane technology.

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Types of industrial water

We have the right expertise and experience, also for your installation. We supply any quality of industrial water: from pre-treated surface water up to premium demi water.