Our solutions for multiple clients offer security, efficiency and financial advantages for all affiliated companies. Evides Industrial water is the contract party in this respect.

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What is a Multi-client system

In addition to individual customisation solutions, we also make reliable systems that multiple clients can be connected to. This pertains to supply of process water and demineralised water as well as waste water purification.

Multi-client systems can be built for different purposes. We, for instance, develop the Centrale Waste water purification Botlek (CAB) in the Botlek. Subsequently, multiple industrial parties were affiliated.

Since 2010 we supply from the demineralised water plant (DWP) Botlek and since 2018 we have supplied premium demineralised water to 26 (petro)chemical companies in the Botlek-Europoort area, from the DWP Maasvlakte.

Advantages of our Multi-client solutions

Costs saving

The Multi-client installations are our Eigen installations. We thus see to all required work activities and investments. For you, this means no costly (re)investments and a lower Total Cost or Ownership.


You can rely on our expertise in Process water, Demineralised water and/or waste water purification. So you can focus on your core business.


We make use of premium and sustainable technologies.