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Industrial water

For years, we have been supplying different types of industrial water to renowned companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the energy sector and foodstuffs and beverage industry. Our clients are assured of high reliability and supply guarantee. Also for your installation we have the right expertise and experience. We supply any quality of industrial water: from pre-purified surface water to premium demineralised water. 

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Waste water purification

Your partner for reliable and sustainable purification of polluted water.

Reuse of water

In some areas is reuse of water immediate necessity. At other locations it offer the companies additional production capacity, for example, without the need for extra (ground)water.

At Evides Industrial water, we have the expertise and the experience to develop a sustainable purification solution for any company. Using innovative techniques, we are also capable of recovering valuable ingredients from waste water or the residual substances that arise during preparation of drinking water.

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Heating and cooling

Cooling and heating are inextricably linked to water. What heat is for one process, is cooling for the other. View a number of applications that Evides Industrial water has innovative and sustainable solutions for.

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