Certificates Evides Industriewater

Working safely and sustainably is an absolute priority for us. Our structural and sustainable working method for the optimisation of processes is acknowledge nationally and internationally by means of a number of essential certificates.


ISO 9001 Quality management
The aim of this management system is the improvement of the overall performance of the organisation. Working in accordance with the ISO 9001-standard means, for instance, that we continuously work on our products and services to make them comply with our clients’ demands.

ISO 55001: Asset management
By use of our certified work processes for asset management, we continuously work on optimal management of our assets. We closely monitor performance, costs and risks throughout the lifecycle of the assets. This is done in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way, in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation and the requirements of the stakeholders

ISO 14001: Environmental management

This management system aims to contribute to the realisation of the environmental objectives. In 2021, we will certify our work processes focused on limiting the impact on the environment.

EcoVadis Silver Recognition Level

Regarding our policy in the area of corporate social responsibility, we have received the Silver Recognition Level-certificate from the international audit bureau EcoVadis. This implies that we are among the top 25% of best scoring organisations, evaluated by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis was founded in order to improve sustainability in the supply chain of the chemical industry. To achieve this, they developed a worldwide audit programme for assessing and improving sustainability procedures within the supply chain.

Sustainable Site management level Gold
The Barometer Sustainable Site Management, issued by the Stichting Milieukeur (Eco label association), is a certification system at two different levels: Silver and Gold. Evides has obtained the certificate level Gold. This applies to the entire company, so also to Evides Industrial water.

The aim of this certificate is a sustainable management of all our industrial and nature areas. We do not make use of chemical pesticides on paved areas or green areas. In addition, on our premises, we only process plants, wood, plastic and hardening materials provided with the different environmental labels. Finally, we manage out nature areas in accordance with the requirements from the Barometer and as articulated in the management plans.

H2 VCA** Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors
The VCA** is a national standard for safety management. The certificate is valid for a number of divisions within Evides. The goal of this management system is to foster a safe and healthy work environment, as well as environmental savings.

Companies certified in accordance with VCA, comply with Health & Safety rules and regulations, in practice. A VCA-management system increase the safety awareness of the employees and contributes to a decline of the absenteeism percentage and the number of accidents.