Energy sector

Water is indispensable in the energy transition. Both in conventional energy generation and with new concepts, energy companies need water of the right quality and in the right quantity throughout the year.

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The role of water in the energy sector

In conventional processes, water is used, for instance, for cooling and for the production of steam.

Upcoming types of energy, such as the production of hydrogen and the utilisation of geothermal energy and residual heat, also require water.

  • Water is an indispensable resource for the production of hydrogen from sustainable energy (sun & wind), for the cooling and electrolyse.
  • When using residual heat or geothermal energy, water is the transport medium. Water is also able to absorb the heat from other processes.

What we offer the energy sector

Costs saving through high quality

The quality (the composition) of the used water largely determines the life span and maintenance costs of your installation. As you use our premium products, you can substantially lower the Total Cost of Ownership.

High supply guarantee
We have multiple water resources and years of experience, so you can leave the supply of premium water and the purification of waste water to us with confidence. Our systems are ready to serve your production processes 24/7. This way you can focus entirely on your core business.