Reuse of water

Reuse of water

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The possibilities of reuse

In some areas, reuse of water is an immediate necessity. At other locations it may offer the companies additional production capacity, without the need for extra (ground) water.

At Evides Industrial water, we have the expertise and the experience to develop a sustainable purification solution for any company. Using innovative techniques, also enables us to recapture valuable ingredients from waste water or the residual materials that arise during the preparation of drinking water.

Where is water reused?

Purified waste water is used in various sectors, such as the (petro)chemical industry, the food industry and the energy sector. For our clients, we develop purification techniques and installations for nitrate and phosphate removal, among other, or reduction of suspended matter, CZV and heavy metals.

Examples of reuse of water

  • Purification of products or installations
  • Cooling of installations
  • Raw material to produce, for instance, beverages and foodstuffs
  • Demineralised water 
  • Condensate Polishing 

The advantages of reuse

By using less water, we contribute to a lower water footprint, together with our clients.

Cost savings

Reuse of fresh effluent is much more economical than the desalination of seawater.