Aerobe water purification

Evides Industrial water has a lot of experience with the application of aerobe purification technologies for the industry. Using our customisation solutions, we can take the entire waste water treatment out of your hands.

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Aerobe water purification

In case of aerobe purification, the pollution in waste water is almost entirely converted into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, by use of air (80%). As such, the waste water, also known as effluent, complies with all legal requirements to be allowed to be discharged into the surface water.

What is the difference between aerobe and anaerobe water purification?

Aerobe purification has a higher return than anaerobe purification. With a downstream, aerobe water purification step, we comply with the required removal of organic material (CZV), nitrogen and phosphate.

Advantages of aerobe waste water purification

We know exactly when and how aerobe treatment can be optimally used. As such, we also purify your waste water as effectively as possible.

Tailored advice

Since no company or industry is the same as another, our process technologist closely cooperate with our account managers. We, for instance, offer the best solution for every specific situation in the area of waste water purification.


We use the most efficient technologies and provide expert advice. As a result, your costs will be comprehensible.


We have had years of experience with waste water purification projects. We exploit our own waste water purifications and for specific clients, this is done in the form of DBFO. You can be assured that all legislation and regulation are being complied with.