Hygiene and food safety are imperative for the foodstuffs and beverage industry. Evides Industrial water offers ingenious solutions to companies in this sector to always be assured of premium process water.

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The role of water in the food sector

Water is becoming increasingly more important within quality systems and in process risk-inventories. That is no surprise, since business processes in these sectors may use as much as five thousand litres of water per ton of end product.

Irrigation of crop, purification and ingredients are but a few examples of water demand in this sector. In many situations, water of potable quality is required. And it should meet the strict European legislation requirements.

Reliability of supply and constant quality is therefore a must.

What we offer the food sector

Water of high quality

Depending on the source, we apply different purification techniques. These make the water suitable for your specific business process.

Sustainable solution
Sustainability is one of our core values. We create efficient and sustainable links between water and energy, such as the reuse of water.


The different water solutions we offer are completely in line with the specific wishes and demands of the client.